Cutting of wig or Hair System

When you purchase your piece at Hair Prosthesis Centre, Barrie we do the initial customization at no charge.

However if you have bought your piece elsewhere and customization services were not offered, you may feel as though it is too bulky in certain areas or that it doesn’t look just right on you. Maybe you want to add bangs or layers? Perhaps you bought a long style that you want to completely cut to a short one? Whatever your reason, our full service salon and specially trained wig cutting stylists will make your wig suit you.

Cutting a wig or hairpiece, whether human or synthetic, is drastically different than cutting your own hair. Our team of experts are trained specifically in the cutting of wigs and hairpieces to ensure that the little details are addressed. Come to Hair Prosthesis Centre to meet our on-site stylists for a consultation on cutting your wig.

Hair Care

Coloring of hair system starting at $75.00


If you’re looking to have your wig or hair system colored, Hair Prosthesis Centre, Barrie can help. We offer professional coloring services from highlighting to full color in a private full service salon. Our team of professionals are trained in the do’s and don’ts of coloring hair systems and we understand the risks associated with the pieces. We will also help you choose the look that’s right for you, so whether you’re maintaining a style or wanting to try something new, we can help. Schedule an appointment now or come in for a consultation.

Re-Care Services

Re-Care Services starting at $58.00

You may notice that your hairpiece or wig has become dry or frizzy over time, even though you’ve been washing and caring for it regularly. This is a common problem with synthetic and human hair wigs that is easily repairable at Hair Prosthesis Centre.

Our trained professionals have dealt with wigs in many stages of disrepair. Using a careful hand, combined with proper styling techniques, Hair Prosthesis Centre in Barrie is proud to announce that we have saved several of our clients the dismay of discarding their favorite hair system due to damage caused from regular use or accidents such as heat related frizz.


Complimentary Transitional Services

Being diagnosed with cancer is terrifying, and having to undergo chemotherapy or radiation is distressing. In many cases, as your body reacts to the cancer treatments, you’ll begin to lose your hair. The low self-confidence is something Hair Prosthesis Centre in Barrie wants to combat.

We offer free hair transitional services when it comes time to remove the hair and customize the hair system.  We are here to help and support you during your battle, as we offer peaceful, private facilities to do just that.

Hair styling
Hair styling
mens Hair styling

Styling of hair system starting at $50.00

Our in-house experts are professionally trained and educated in regards to styling and cutting of wigs and hairpieces. Your hair piece is unlike natural hair, the base, quality and construction affect what can be done to the piece without compromising the style. Our team is trained to ensure that they work with the construction and not against it.Our private salon allows us to properly cut and style hairpieces and wigs to give you a modern and trendy look. Our stylist can help you create an everyday look, or fashion your wig or hair piece into a formal updo for special events and weddings.

Bring in a picture, as it could be helpful with creating the look you are trying to achieve. We are happy to help you discover the best look for your lifestyle, as we keep up-to-date on popular hairstyles and trends. We only use high-quality natural products that do not damage your hairpiece to achieve the desired look. Do you have a piece that you would like to see improved? Schedule a consultation here.

Integration of hair system by consultation

When you purchase a hair piece or system with Hair Prosthesis Centre, Barrie integration is included in your purchase price. However if you have purchased your piece elsewhere and you’re just not happy with the look we can help. This service also includes deciding which methods of attachment will best suit you and your new wig or hair piece.

There is nothing worse than having a hair piece that looks obvious. Proper integration of a system, hairpiece or wig will ensure that the unit blends effortlessly. At Hair Prosthesis Centre our team of professionals are trained specifically in integration and will carefully customize your new hair system to your own hair, ensuring a truly natural look.

We also offer complete care services for your hair prosthetics.