Hair loss in women is a devastating, emotional and traumatic experience that can be caused from a serious illness, an adverse reaction to strong medications, or as a result of extremely stressful events. At Hair Prosthesis Centre in Barrie, Ontario, we offer hair loss consultations, wigs and a private salon that provides wig and hair piece maintenance.

Staffed by professionally trained technicians who are experienced and educated in the field of hair replacement, Hair Prosthesis Centre is here to ensure that your system will blend perfectly with your face’s shape and skin tone to ultimately bring back your self-confidence. Our wigs can be custom-designed for your individual needs, lifestyle and sized to fit comfortably on your scalp.

We have been sharing hair loss treatment solutions with our clients for over 25 years in our private clinic. Our goal is to help you understand your hair replacement options and find a solution that works best for your individual hair loss situation

As a hair loss centre, we have established a welcoming and comfortable private setting staffed by understanding hair loss specialists who are here to help bring back your confidence after your stressful hair loss ordeal. We respect your confidentiality and offer a private space for you to come to terms with your struggle with hair loss in a confidential and discreet manner.

Conveniently situated across RVH in the Quarry Ridge plaza, we offer custom workshops to help you regain your confidence by restoring your inner beauty. The products that we carry are of the highest quality and influenced by the most modern technology, to provide you with the finest, most durable full or partial hair replacement options and hair care products available in the market toda


Whether you are looking to change your look or are dealing with the discomfort of hair loss, your hair system can be custom designed for you or you can choose from one of our stock hair systems. Keep in mind that the type of hair system, durability, your lifestyle and other key factors will play a role in which hair system is right for you. Our hair loss technicians will work tirelessly with you to find the best hair system designed just for you.

Call Hair Prosthesis Centre for more information about women’s hair loss solutions today.

Call Hair Prosthesis Centre for more information about women’s hair loss solutions today.