Hair Prosthesis Centre has been leading the way in men’s hair systems for over 25 years with our professional trained technicians educated in the field of hair replacement options. We respect your confidentiality and offer a private space to discuss your hair loss concerns in a confidential and discreet manner.

Our wigs and hair systems can be custom-designed for your individual needs and lifestyle. Meeting with our trained hair loss specialists at Hair Prosthesis Centre will ensure that your hairpiece will bring back your confidence.

Our hairpieces can be used for daily wear, or bonded for weekly or monthly wear, and all of our services are offered in our Men’s Room, a private and comfortable setting, by our trained hair loss specialists.

Men’s systems and hairpieces have evolved to become:

  • More natural-looking
  • Feeling just like your own hair
  • A safer alternative to surgical hair loss treatments
Solutions for men

You’re not alone in your struggle with hair loss, as 85% of men will experience significant hair thinning by the time they are 50; and in some cases, even before they turn 21. Each hair loss situation is unique, but the social, emotional and psychological impact can be devastating.

Your lifestyle, hair loss situation, durability of the hairpiece, and other key factors will play a role in which hair system is right for you. Come in for a free consultation and let us help you at 1 Quarry Ridge Road in Barrie to see our full stock of hairpieceseo.

Bring back your confidence. Come into the Hair Prosthesis Centre to begin your consultation